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Heritage Retreats was founded in Yosemite National Park in 2000. Since then we have explored many beautiful parts of North America.

This summer we will camping in Zion National Park.

We have selected some of the finest Jewish educators in the world as well as seasoned guides for this experience….

A base camp within Zion National Park will be utilized for daily living activities including meals, learning, workshops and tent sleeping. A base camp allows access to supplies, transportation and other resources as a result there will be NO need to carry supplies in heavy backpacks. We will only be doing day hikes. This is NOT a traditional backpacking or back country journey.

We will be spending Friday through Sunday in a very comfortable resort just outside of Zion National Park.

Each day will combine Torah learning, group challenge based initiatives, day hikes and exploration.


  • Experience the Grandeur of Zion National Park
  • Explore the otherworldly rock formations of Bryce National Park
  • Vermillion Cliffs
  • White Water Rafting
  • and much much more


  • Learning to learn: Talmud
  • Jewish Insights into Practical Living
  • One on one: study the topic of your choice with a member of our staff
  • Mensch Making Jewish Ethics
  • War, Peace, or Synergy: A Dialogue with Modernity- Torah and the 21st Century

Dates and Location:

Summer 2015 in Zion National Parks

August 9th – 16th

Men’s Retreat

Explore…Inside and Out


7:45 AM Reach a Little Further-Yoga
8:15 AM- Morning Service (Optional)
8:15 AM Explanatory Service (Optional)
8:45 AM- Breakfast
9:30 AM- The Talmud- Jews for Exegesis
10:30 AM One on One Talmud Study Made Accessible- Self Preservation- Who Comes First?
11:30 AM Departure for Flying Pigs White Water Rafting Co.
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM The Price of Happiness- What money can buy

Our day begins with two Optional activities and workshops
first Yoga followed by an Explanatory Service

9:00am Breakfast
From Breakfast until Lunch there are breakout groups,

1:00pm Lunch
Activity throughout the afternoon


I must admit that I was skeptical about Heritage Retreats, because I thought that all introduction-to-Judaism programs would be superficial and intellectually weak. But Heritage Retreats was the opposite. The more basic the question, the more deep and penetrating were the answers. Instead of trying to “wow” me with a Judaism show, they allowed me to discover the intellectual rigor and depth of Jewish learning and I found it very satisfying.

Justin Shubow
Doctoral student in philosophy, University of Michigan

How long is each session?

The program is a week long, from Sunday to Sunday.

How many years has Heritage Retreats been conducting retreats?

We began conducting retreats in 2000 in Yosemite, California

Do I need a certain level of background in Judaism to attend?

No, the program is geared towards young adults from a variety of affiliations, with limited backgrounds in Judaism who want to learn more about their heritage. It has been our experience that participants with very limited knowledge, as well as those who have already begun to explore their heritage, have found the level of study to be accessible, relevant and engaging.

What age groups participate in the program?

Heritage Retreats participants are undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students, and young professionals.

Can I speak with some of the alumni of the program to get a better understanding of what I will get out of attending?

Yes. Please call us in the U.S. at 800-927-0476 or in Canada at 866-600-5013 to arrange to speak with some of our alumni. We have alumni in most major cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Whom do I contact for more information about the program?

Mrs Yael Reznick – 646-519-4480
Or Toll Free
From US: 800-927-0476
From Canada: 866-268-7169
Email: info@heritageretreats.com

How do I apply?

Go to the apply page. Fill out the application online.

Am I guaranteed a place if I apply?

You are guaranteed a spot only after you have received a hard copy or emailed acceptance letter from Heritage Retreats, and have submitted payment for the program in full. Acceptance may be contingent on a personal interview and/or references.

What is the total cost to attend the program and what is included in that price?

The total cost for the program, including room and board for the duration of the session, is:

$199 for individuals whose applications are received before July 1st.
$250 for individuals whose applications are received after July 1st.

Non Students:
$299.00 for individuals whose applications are received before July 1st.
$335.00 for individuals whose applications are received after July 1st.

There is an additional $50.00 transportation fee for individuals who will need Heritage Retreats to provide them with transportation to and from the retreat location.

What if I cannot afford the cost of the program? How do I apply for a scholarship?

A limited number of scholarships are available for eligible applicants. Once you have filled out an application for the session you would like to attend please be in touch with us to discuss the various scholarships available. Once granted a scholarship, participants will only be awarded the appropriate reimbursement upon successfully completing the program. In the event that a participant departs the program prior to the end date of the program, student will be responsible for all related incidental expenses and tuition payment will not be reimbursed.

From the US: 1-800-927-0476
From Canada: 1-866-268-7169
or email us at: scholarships@heritageretreats.com

Who pays for the airfare? What if I cannot afford the cost of the airfare?

Travel is not included in the price. You must arrange and pay for your own travel expenses to attend the retreat. Transportation scholarships are available to eligible applicants. Please call 1-800-927-0476 from the US, or 1-866-268-7169 from Canada, or email us at scholarships@heritageretreats.com.

Why is the program so affordable?

We are able to charge a reduced tuition of $199.00 because of the philanthropy of various charitable foundations and community leaders. Their gifts enable us to bring down the cost of the program to participants.

Once I am accepted, what is my next step?

Send in your payment as soon as possible in order to guarantee your place in the program.

How do I send in my payment?

Payment is due in full upon receipt of your acceptance. You may pay online, via credit card or pay pal. If you prefer to pay by check, checks should be made payable to Heritage Retreats and send to:

Heritage Retreats
557 Fenlon Blvd.
Clifton, NJ 07014

How do I get to the retreat?

After you claim your luggage, you will take a hotel shuttle from Ground Transportation to a hotel that we will announce shortly. Upon arrival at the hotel please proceed to the Heritage Retreats meeting room. There will be transportation departing from the hotel at airport that will take you directly to the camp grounds. Transportation back to the airport will be arranged upon the culmination of the session. Please do NOT schedule your departure flight before 11:00 AM.

We will do our best to provide transportation for all participants who request it. Please contact us at least two weeks in advance to make those plans.

To whom do I send my travel itinerary?

Once you have booked your flight, please email info@heritageretreats.com. Please include your cell phone number on any information you send us. This number is important in coordinating airport pickups

What time should I plan on arriving? Leaving?

Schedule your flight so that you arrive at  Las Vegas airport (LAS) by 3PM the day the program is scheduled to begin. Dinner is served upon arrival at program and orientation follows. The programs end on Sunday after breakfast. For your convenience book your return flight after 11.00 AM the day the program ends, allowing yourself ample time to eat breakfast and get to the airport.

How do I find inexpensive plane tickets to Heritage Retreats?

Here are a few sites to make your ticket purchase easier and less costly: kayak.com priceline.com, travelocity.com, orbitz.com,cheaptickets.com, jetblue.com. Canadian participants should try travelcuts.com.

Is there email access there?

Yes, there is email access.

Are there laundry facilities there?

There may not be laundry facilities so best to bring sufficient clothes for the week

When is the program conducted?

Summer 2017 – The program runs from August 13th – August 21nd, 2017

Which airport should I fly into?

You can fly into Las Vegas airport (LAS) on the day of the program by 3pm, depart the following Monday after 12pm. We will be providing transportation to the retreat from the airport.

What do I need to pack?
  • Enough clothing for 1 week
  • comfortable walking shoes (closed shoes, without heals)
  • nicer clothing for shabbat (you may want to bring along a skirt/dress)
  • light jacket/ sweater as nights may be cool
  • rain gear: poncho, umbrella in case of rain
  • toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste etc.
  • medication
  • towels for bathing and swim
  • bathing suit/appropriate clothing for water sports
  • Sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • camera (optional)
  • 2 reusable water bottles- very important!
  • day pack

You may also want to bring along:

  • Power Bar of your choice (please find kosher brand)
  • binoculars
  • frisbee
  • compass
What is the weather like there?

Temperatures vary. Please check weather.com for exact temperatures. Glacier, MT 59936.

Can I fly into the area several days before the program to visit friends and family? If so, how can I arrange a ride to the camp?

Yes, you can come into the area earlier and we will provide transportation from PHX airport to the program. Just be in touch with us to let us know your transportation needs.

What are the accommodations like? What sort of food is provided?

A base camp within Glacier National Park will be utilized for daily living activities including meals, learning, workshops and tent sleeping. A base camp allows easy access to supplies, transportation and other resources as a result there will be NO need to carry supplies in heavy backpacks. We will only be doing day hikes.

We will be spending FridaySunday in a very comfortable hotel just outside of the park.

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