Meet Alumni

Sedona Arizona

Jillian K

It’s hard to convey in words how transformative and uplifting of a journey I experienced with Heritage Retreats. The impact remains with me on a daily basis and enriches my life more than I can properly express.

Having the opportunity to explore profound aspects of Judaism in one of the most wondrous, natural havens in the country (and the world!) was such a gift. Our teachers emulated endless wisdom, passion, and inspiration, and it was contagious. The schedule felt so balanced and exciting every day, with empowering, thought-provoking classes in the mornings and epic adventures in the afternoons and evenings. We really got to soak in the awe and majesty of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and beyond, and we had a lot of opportunities to reflect meaningfully and to unwind.

The most precious gifts of all from this trip, without a doubt, were the lifelong bonds created with fellow participants and staff. They are my besties and mentors for life! We keep in touch weekly and reunite whenever we’re in the same area. I’m forever grateful to be a part of such a down-to-earth, growth-oriented crew.

Making the decision to spend my December break with Heritage was frankly one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Heritage Poland

Stan Modin

I have always wanted to be in denial since what I have herd and the pictures that I have seen looked too disturbing and evil to be real. However, going to Poland and visiting concentration camps, death camps, mass graves and cemeteries among other things allowed me to see just how real and cruel that period of time was. Although I have heard about most of the shocking events that took place, being physically present at the exact location where it all happened was chilling.

Rabbi Hersh was a great guide. He provided a lot of knowledge about every event and about every location that we visited. I was able to learn to appreciate the little things and not take things for granted. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity that allowed me to witness things that will stay with me

I highly recommend everyone to go on this trip since no amount of stories or pictures can replace the experience of being physically present and experiencing it for yourself.

Sedona Arizona

Ilana Pomerantz

On Heritage Retreats I was immersed in nature while bonding with spiritually driven women who were seeking meaningful conversation and connection to themselves, others, and their Judaism. Heritage was a life changing experience. With the encouragement and support of incredible teachers, staff, and participants of the program my passion for Judaism has been recharged and strengthened.
Heritage was a life changing experience.

Sedona Arizona


I could not imagine a more meaningful, growth oriented, and magical week. I loved being surrounded by a group of empowering Jewish women who wanted to deepen their Jewish knowledge and to grow spiritually. The teachers inspired all of us with their insightful wisdom that continues to influence my life today. I realized the potential within me to connect with my deepest self through Judaism.


Sedona Arizona

Maddy Lefkowitz

The Arizona Women’s Heritage Retreat was hands down the best week of my life. Not only did we enjoy the gorgeous mountains and scenery of Arizona, but we also learned amazing Torah ideas while surrounded by growth-oriented young women. This retreat has been a pivotal moment in my self-growth and spiritual exploration as it strengthened my Jewish identity and revealed wonderful life lessons through the beauty of the Torah’s teachings. This retreat has inspired me to deeply explore my connection to Judaism and surround myself with wonderful people. I will never forget my time on the Jackpot Ranch!

Heritage Retreats

Andrew S

My experience at Heritage Retreats was really worthwhile. We are all immersed in our daily lives of school/work, friends etc., but we rarely take time to think about some of the bigger questions. Heritage Retreats allowed me to take in the fresh air, hike, and enable meaningful conversations in a fun setting with some awesome guys.

Glacier , Montana

Andrew Jacobson

Heritage Retreats is a phenomenal program filled with inspiring people, both students and teachers alike. The Rabbis each provided something special — wonderful stories, Talmudic insights, etc. Learning in nature was especially powerful, and helped me see and experience the divine in a special, special way. Thank you Heritage Retreats.

Heritage Retreats

Yaniv G.

Heritage Retreats is an experience that will benefit you for a lifetime. You start off by meeting guys from across the country who you think have very little in common with you, and when you leave it dawns on you that some of the best connections in life just happened on this trip. The Rabbi’s on my trip shared lessons that I think about on a daily basis. I will always be thankful to Heritage Retreats for introducing me to their wonderful family of Jewish adventurers.”