her·it·age /ˈherədij/
1. Something that belongs to one by reason of birth.
2. Something that may be inherited.

Unlike an inheritance that is willed to an individual which automatically transfers to the heirs; the strength, equanimity and knowledge of one’s Heritage requires each individual to proactively acquire that which rightfully belongs to him or her.

For over fifteen years, college students and young professionals have come to Heritage Retreats to experience the vitality of Judaism. The relaxed, informal setting offers a healthy dose of outdoor adventure.

Through inspiring lectures, provocative discussion groups, and personal tutorials, Heritage Retreats address the issues that are important to you.

Whether you’re a beginner or a bit more advanced, you’ll be an active participant in Judaism’s ongoing dialogue about life’s most essential questions.
This is your Heritage: Inspiring, Relevant and Profound.


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We’ve Conducted retreats in over 11 different destinations

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